Fraternl greetings from the "Best Lodge on the Island! It is our intention to give you the opportunity to stay in touch with our members and to have the Lodge activities available at a single touch.

  • Office:
  • Worshipful Master, Billy Villegas:
  • Secretary, WB Cesar Betita:
  • Webmaster, James R. Rualo:
  • (619) 435-0605
  • (619) 459-1188
  • (619) 549-0386
  • (619) 466-4649


Coronado Lodge Fundraisers


Memorialize yourself at Coronado! In an effort to raise funds for the repair and upkeep of Coronado Lodge, we are offering a chance for you to purchase a tile plate on our porch wall to forever make your mark at the best lodge on the island!

Stated Meetings

  • First Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm

    Potluck dinner starts at 6:30pm. Visiting Brethren are always welcome!

  • Lodge and Stated Meetings Attire

    Winter Attire: Business or dark suit, sweater, long sleeve shirt with tie, prescribed military uniform.
    Summer Attire: Barong, polo barong, short or longsleeve shirt with tie or without, prescribed military uniform.

    Wearing of faded jeans, denim pants, shorts, sandals and tennis shoes when attending these meetings are not permitted!

Secretary's Corner